A potent guided-meditation practice designed to uncover your peace & purpose.


Stop the chatter of the mind. Grow in wisdom and intuition.

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For thousands of years, South Indian saints have…

used self-inquiry to become completely free of the influence of the mind.

For our modern society, we have created an all new practice based on solid foundations — Introducing SUB/MERGE.

Take back the kingdom of your own being. Once and for all.

The power and focus of SUB/MERGE is extraordinary. It feels as if we are tapping into the self-inquiry of thousands of masters before us, each of whom used principally the same method to achieve liberation.

Participants reported feeling:

  • Deeply relaxed like never before

  • Erasing memories, guilt, and fears completely

  • Going deeper into their own spiritual practice

For those already on the spiritual path, maybe through yoga or qi gong, SUB/MERGE will enhance and multiply the effects of your practice. The peace and stillness that is your birthright is now revealed through this simple and effective practice.

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