A guided meditation for modern folks with old souls

We’re so excited to share this tool with people who feel a bit lost, just like we did before discovering it. The real fruit is a deep sense of trust and contentment, that does not come and go, but is the very substratum of our experiencing.
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What is SUB/MERGE?

SUB/MERGE is a meditative practice introduced by Cocoon for modern folks who feel they need to find their roots. The guided meditation is simple and concise, and takes you deeper into your own being, or consciousness.

The construction of consciousness is the basis of this modality: in the spiritual world, the mind is like a tree, and with excessive stimulation, desire and fear, it becomes overgrown and difficult to manage. S/M is designed to tend to the mind, so that it becomes the joyful instrument it was intended to be.

Everyone is welcome to share this universal practice.