Yoga of Light @Shake Farm

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Yoga of Light @Shake Farm

28.00 32.00

At Shake Farm we will be sharing a 60 minute session set to uplifting electronic music, including restorative yoga postures and a powerful guided meditation. 

A powerful and healing yoga and meditation practice by the founders of Cocoon Academy. Based in the UK and India, Cocoon Academy shares powerful self-realisation workshops around the world and will be teaching in Singapore throughout September at incredible venues like Shake Farm, Lululemon, WeWork, Plain Vanilla Bakery, and White Rabbit hole!

Yoga of light @ Shake Farm (Bonus 15% off on any food/beverage purchases before or after the event)

A beautiful venue filled with natural light in the heart of Singapore's CBD, Shake Farm is an incredible space to experience the peace, restoration, and release that comes with Yoga of Light. The perfect end to a busy day at work. 

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All tickets come with a 15% discount on food and beverages so join us after class for a drink or dinner and connect with us, and other like-minded individuals! 

For the session, please come prepared with: 

- Your own yoga mat (If you forget we may have a few spares so don't panic!)
- Comfortable clothing 
- An open mind and heart

We look forward to seeing you and connecting after the session. Please reach out if you have any questions. If your company would like a group session we offer excellent group rates :) 

Love and light,

Benaisha & Rishad 

Founders, Cocoon Academy