A Glossary of words and names

Consciousness — The totality of that which is experienced by any form (Human, animal, etc). Denotes the container in which reality is experienced, as well as the source of sentience which illuminates reality.

God (Brahman) — The highest mind of the universe, which sets into motion the chain of events necessary to create existence itself. Creator, maintainer, destroyer.

Self (Parabrahman) — The substratum which is changeless and infinite. A precursor to God and the base of all experience.

Spirit — That highest aspect of the consciousness which is immortal and composed of spiritual light. The pure soul of the form.

Being(ness) — That aspect of the consciousness which is spiritually tangible but formless. The pure mind of the form.

Ego — That aspect of the consciousness which is experienced as form. The derived mind of the form.

SUB/MERGE — Meditation practice based on self-inquiry to take the practitioner from Ego —> Being(ness) —> Spirit

7/FLOW — Movement practice based on qi gong to grow in awareness and harness universal power.

Attention — That aspect of the being(ness) which registers experience in a limited focus.

Awareness — That aspect of being(ness) which is the canvas for all impressions and experiences.

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