We teach Yoga and Meditation workshops around the world.

Enhance creativity, uplift happiness, and discover purpose.

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About Cocoon

Cocoon was founded to share powerful spiritual practices and guidance with people globally. After discovering the richness of the Indian, and Asian, spiritual traditions, the founders Rishad & Benaisha embarked on a journey to guide and share with people all around the world. Cocoon is non-religious and does not align with any religion, we believe the truth is universal and transcends religious boundaries. The founders were not born into, and do not follow any of the major world religions.

About Rishad

Since 2012, Rishad has been immersed in instruction via the global spiritual traditions, including yoga and meditation. A few years later he met his Master, and has spent years under the his grace and guidance. In 2019 with encouragement from his partner Benaisha, they founded Cocoon, to bring balance and introduce spiritual thought and action to young people around the world. He was previously a startup mentor and consultant, serving many companies.

About Benaisha

Benaisha grew up in London and moved to India in 2017 to find her heart and answer a calling. She completed an intensive yoga teacher training in beautiful Goa, India, and shortly after was introduced to Rishad by a common friend in London. A strong friendship grew into a beautiful relationship, and in 2019 she encouraged her partner to start sharing all that they had learnt. She was previously a Civil Servant working in Westminster and a graduate of Warwick University.